25TH APRIL 2014
4. Gap
Even though I prefer feminine looks, I fell in love with this new trend and gave the bomber jacket a try earlier this month when I wore my lace bomber. The bomber is the perfect piece for this kind of weather and the statement piece of your outfits.
My personal tip for wearing a bomber is to keep the rest of the outfit simple; I wore it a black look.
Transition your bomber to an evening look by switching your sneakers/espadrilles to classic pointy pumps. 
31ST MARCH 2014
I think you know me by now and you know that I am not a big risk taker when it comes to outfits and I am definitely not the type of person who will be mixing prints or wearing color block outfits. 
But there’s something about this look that made me change my mind about things. I am now considering the prints mix and even the pineapple pants…
28TH MARCH 2014

When I look at my birthday pictures from 1986, 1987, …1991, …1993, this is exactly what I see. Our mothers proudly standing next to us holding us while flashing their culotte. But hey! Not as the french term culotte but more like that high waist super flares length pair of shorts. Forget it’s 2014, this trend is back around. So whether you are celebrating your dirty thirty or not yet, flash your culotte while you cut your cake! A few ones that I really liked is this by Roksanda Illincic, the green band makes it stand out so much. This denim version by Chloe, makes it so practical for everyday. This satin one by Gucci, because it is to die for for summer dinners.
What do you think? Drop a line!

Picture courtesy of Net a Porter
19TH MARCH 2014
Mood Board: Spring Colors
I am so happy the sun is back and I guess you can see it on my mood board. 
 It’s time for me to replace black with some lighter colors.
As you know by now, I’m not a fan of bright colors (although I have a few bright summer dresses), so this spring I’m opting for Blush, White and Nude. 
They’re easy to style, chic, effortless and mostly they’re are easily transitioned from day to night. 

11TH MARCH 2014
Last season, Givenchy unveiled Bambi. Bambi had quit Disney to work for Givenchy, or was she doing it so behind their back? Now this season, she is no longer doing it black market. She has gone mainstream and flaunting her sweet figure just about everywhere. Now of course Givenchy was mighty with a pricey, not so much anymore. Check out Paul & Joe Sister’s take on Bambi. I love how innocent the print and the t-shirts feel and then again you can go all over board. I have two kick ass looks I would like to try while flaunting mine, an entire Rock and Roll look, and one with a tux kind of suit. A bit like what Mrs. Jolie Pitt wore to the BAFTAs. Let me know what you think!
6TH MARCH 2014

For those who don’t get what happened in the title! It’s The Transparence. But it sounds better in French. Everything sounds better in French. But that is where my all things French stop! One thing invading the stores this season (or next season in case you are not officially in it yet) is transparency. Layers of transparency actually playing on your clothes. Subtle ones of course. I have been seeing it all over high street and more upper street. To be honest, first encounter was at River Island. And now BAM! it’s all over. I particularly love this skirt by Tibi, and my idea is to wear it a bit on the edge. I also love this sweater by Sandro, that fits perfectly well with Mykonos nights. And last, this skirt from Zara (above picture) is my perfect summer go to item I presume. It looks so girly and so mysterious at the same time.  Although I would totally opt for espadrilles with this look.
Oh! Am luvin it – La Transparence!!

Picture courtesy of Zara
4TH MARCH 2014
Winter never came to Lebanon this year. It was more like Christmas in the Bahamas, New Year in Maldives, Valentines in Rio, … so it was like pack summer clothing, don’t really pack summer clothing, fed up of summer clothing, ok let me buy summer clothing because I will wear it anyhow in February. And for once my speedy transit to the next season came on time! I was buying and wearing summer in February. One fabric for spring summer 2014 keeps on coming up in my face and I can’t but notice how amazing the structure of it is. The eyelet fenced fabric is all over the place. That fabric that look like a fisherman’s net. Yes! That exact same one. Brands like Maje and Sandro, as well as Zara and H&M have garments in this fabric. It’s like half neoprene half not, rigid and not, structured but not so stiff, and it comes in a myriad of colors. I saw a beautiful skirt in this fabric at Zara then I went and it was sold out, so am hoping they will restock. H&M has an amazing version too. This is a very similar one by Sandro. Maje has this beautiful dress, that has got my eye balls rolling (I don’t know if I want it in orange or sea/pastel blue). It is this dress that particularly made me love this fabric, given the rigidity and figure the fabric gives. And it is this particular dress am looking to style in a myriad of ways! Am reminiscing over it so much I am scared of my own self.
Does the above title mean anything? Why do I have it? Just like that!! To catch your attention. But i do believe every word in there sums up one slice of this creation. Ever since Aquazzura introduced these sandals last summer I have had my eye on them. To buy or not to buy? And ever since that day I have seen a myriad of designs and shapes and sizes land by different designers. My shoe addiction is a problem and I need rehab. i love nice structured shoes and season after season they just get better. I am loving lace up booties with open details here and there and here is a selection I have fallen for. When I was in London earlier last month I tried on the Aquazzuras (green pair above) and they were instant bliss, however I am looking to have them in a darker hue. As for these tan color Alexander Wang‘s.. divine!! 
Here are two other options if you are interested. Isabel Marant and more Aquazzura.