The weather in Beirut is kind of schizophrenic these days. 
So every morning I have the same dilemma: what to wear? Is it hot? Is it cold? 
The other day, I found this look and thought it’s the best for our kind of weather and to run errands during this busy time of year!
Here is how you can recreate it:
1. Start with a basic white tee.  If you’re looking to invest in one, I am loving this one
2. Bring out your leather jacket. You absolutely need one in your closet because it’s such a versatile piece especially if you live in our part of the world. For me, IRO have the best ones. 
3. We have seen this trend everywhere: wrapping a tartan shirt around the waist; so it’s time we embrace it. The shirt will come in handy in case the weather changes! 
I found this cool option at Topshop.
4. Add a cross body bag for a cool effortless look. I told you, you needed one! This Givenchy is just perfect!  
5. Opt for a pair of black/grey skinny jeans to keep the dark color palette.
6. I loved the espadrille choice in the picture but I’m not sure it’s the best option for this weather. I would wear THESE.
Your thoughts? 
I know, I know, we all need more than 5 bags… especially me.. 
I have this addiction and I can’t seem to find a cure.
 However, I am dedicating this post to my dear friend, who has a 1000 bags but still doesn’t have a basic black bag. 
So here are the 5 essentials bags you need before you can start buying the other crazy bags you are craving.
 left to right: Givenchy – Saint Laurent – Fendi
You must start by investing in a black bag. Choose a classic bag that you will be able to keep for many years and that you will enjoy wearing all year round. 

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It’s still very hot in Lebanon and I see no signs of winter weather…
But I found this picture and really love the look and I will definitely recreate it when the temperatures drop a little :)
Items you need to recreate this look?
Click on each item below for full details.
Leather EditTo some of you out there leather is grunge, rock, punk, rebellious, and not classy! Well ladies if I had a red button and a green one in front of me I would definitely go BAM on the red as some of the above definitions are true and not. Leather is and can be punk, grunge, rebellious, rock, as well as; classy, sexy, attractive, and I can go on listing every adjective I want in the Oxford dictionary. So how is it that you need to wear your leather? Put it all together? Hell yeah!!! Is that how I want to wear it? Hell no!! With the endless choices of leather items out on the shopping isles, I have set my mind to hunt down the ultimate leather dress, shorts, and skirt. And I have made up my mind on how to wear each one!
My ultimate way to wear a leather dress is to tone it down with some really feminine pumps and a dash of red lipstick, simple hairdo, and very minimalist accessories, more on the utter feminine side.
For my leather shorts I intend to pair them with a white tee (the must have HAVE in every wardrobe) and a pair of high top sneakers (that Jimmy Choo pair am eye-ing) would do. All that topped with a perfect black tailored blazer. A sequin jacket would be the ultimate do for a night out.
And last for my leather skirt, I will pair it with a sweater or varsity jacket, and a pair of brogues. Now bring on the real winter deal because I don’t think I can stand holding on any longer! Check out my collage above for inspiration. By the way Tibi, Sandro, and Maje have some of my favorite leather pieces this season. Go shop.
Ok Ok! Am holding my horses. Around a sweet agonizing nerve wrecking month left before Isabel Marant X H&M hits stores WORLDWIDE – November 14!
The collection is totally Isabel Marant to start with. Just by the look of it, it is everything we thought we would have, however I was just expecting a tiny teeny twist. However, that oversized jacket, those lace up jeans, the tees, we want them all. Now remember to dress smart on the day of the launch because the queues, shoving, pushing, are gonna be worth it!! Now if you have not made your list on what to buy and you need a tad advice on how to style those pieces, check out these images that were featured in Vogue Russia. The editorial was shot in the streets of Paghi (Paris).
Now please H&M Lebanon make this a no invitation required launch, set the queues, and let’s all get ready for some much needed fashion attention. I CAN’T WAIT. Have a peek at the look book here again.
Images courtesy of Fashionista