15TH MAY 2012
This Lancel Vintage was Dina’s mom bag from 1984!
I really love the color, reminds me of this Celine 

What’s in Dina’s bag?

  1. Hair pins and band – I love Evita Peroni’s hair accessories, they last for ages and very practical
  2. Chichlets Cinnamon flavor – the only gum I have
  3. Tic Tac orange
  4. Artificial tears
  5. My business cards in a Muji box
  6. My red Moleskin agenda with a pilot pen – Indispensable!
  7. My address  book/ phone book – I like to keep things written, not only on my phone
  8. Perfumed sachet – I love to keep the lavender smell inside my bag; I actually did this sachet, I drew, printed the fabric and sewed. Very cool and simple idea.
  9. A USB
9TH MAY 2012
Another classic:  The Balenciaga Giant 21 Rose Gold Work in Atlantique. A very practical and versatile design and color. 
What’s in her bag? Basically everything! Johanna lives out of her bag.
  1. Rayban folding Wayfarer sunglasses
  2. Balenciaga wallet
  3. Clinique Even Better clinical cream
  4. My Blackberry  
  5. Lula bow hair clip, perfect for bad hair days!
  6. Bulgari Jasmin Noir perfume: my favorite!
  7. Clinique Chubby stick lip color balm
  8. A very old key-ring that I love and cant get rid off! 
  9. L’Occitane Fleur Chérie Hand Cream
  10. Kleenex and metro cards
  11. My Ipad 2
  12. Mac Impassionned lipstick, the perfect shade and texture!
  13. Goyard passport holder
  14. Hand gel and Lakerol mint pastilles
  15. Marc by Marc Jacobs pocket mirror
Yasmina carrying one of her designs, The Eliza I, and a favorite of The Closet Clause too! 

I first met February (the brand and its designs) before meeting Yasmina, the owner/ designer, and I could see that quality and finishing was evident. My heart first struck (CHA CHING) when a friend was wearing the Eliza Bag (Yasmina is wearing it in the first picture above) …and I was like that is so handy and creative! And I went about doing my research about the brand.. designer… and the story starts ..

Yasmina greatly believes in creating pieces that possess a harmony in contrast, which is the motto she uses for her brand. She adores contrasts and believes that harmony emanates from combining things like old and new, masculine and feminine, retro and modern, studs and lace …the last two definitely turn heads on! I am a big fan of studs and lace, a combo together? Quite exciting i must admit…
Her harmony for contrast is quite evident as she is inspired from various things in the past that she translates them to new.. walk through some of Yasmina’s greatest inspirations…
Her inspiration and ideas do not stop at these but also come up at very usual and unusual instances… however, this is how she translates them to paper..
 And from paper to reality…at the Atelier, where dreams and inspiration are made, crafted,  and designed …


The majority of the time Yasmina carries her designs with an undenying love to each and every design. A belt bag on the week ends and a satchel or duffle bag during the week. Just like her, the and Eliza I Bag and Lady James have stolen our heart! 
 If you thought February was all about handbags, wait till I tell you about the shoes!


So now, have you all fallen for the brand? Ready to shop? Check out February’s Facebook page here. To shop online, February designs are available on Lebelik here where you will also find other leather jewellery.