I don’t write a lot about fashion for men on the blog, but I always receive so many requests to start writing for men, and deep down I really feel the men in Beirut do need a fashion stir up. Enough with the traditional uniform, some tweaking here and there is necessary! And to achieve that we paid our friends at Mr. M a visit (not a person exactly and definitely the coolest concept store for men in town) and shortlisted the top three things ever man needs this season. Not only did we shortlist but Mr. M gave us tips on how to style them. Now with Christmas also just around the corner, you ladies have all the ideas in the world to transform your men or send them hints to do so!! 
8TH APRIL 2013
Keep out of this ladies. This is a special handmade, hand written, well thought of post for the men in our lives. Your lives. Or just around. Next time you see one wearing a pair you can instantly take note he is to be in your life.  
Boat Shoes were a hit in the 90’s, I remember guys would wear them in double and triple colors. Well circa the 90’s, the boat shoe made a come back! This sounds fierce and strong. Hold on..
Many designers are in the game creating crazier versions like neon soles, stripes, double fabric, ..etc. 
I still have not seen guys in Lebanon wear boat shoes (you know… it’s not the typical outfit)… but I spotted a someone I know wearing his boat shoes with dark jeans and a shirt on a night out… and it was refreshing for a change. Finally the cliche had died (or was dying??)- for a moment!!
So.. Dear Prince Charming, be inspired. This is a message for you to be inspired. Don’t get past unnoticed, unconcerned, …Don’t throw your beloved Converse but we say invest in a pair! Heard us. This is a warning sign. Wear them with rolled-up khakis (chinos) and jeans! Oh and by the way if you want to invest in Khakis, hurry up to Gap Beirut. 
My favorite boat shoes are the Sperry Top-Sider here and here.
Finally you can now shop without having to hear your other half whine about what state of boredom he is in? Confused? What am I talking about?
Well sweety, Shopbop is planning to launch a man’s online shopping section as of mid 2013. Shopbop has transformed greatly particularly after it revamped its website. Now I reckon the men’s section will be just as great. They are envisioing their typical customer to be the “cool” guy. I don’t love the word cool. I prefer hunk! The site will also provide customer service, logically yes because our male counterparts are still no so familiar with online shopping. It will also be launched in Mandarin.
Now there goes the competition, who is going to max out the funds…you or your hubby?


30TH MAY 2012
Dear Prince Charming a.k.a The Boys,

This post is dedicated to YOU BOY to make me your GIRL HAPPY. This summer we want to see you wearing… PINK. 
Yes! Most of you fear this color, let alone give it connotations  but we think it would look perfect on your bronzed skins, give you more attitude, and last charm – because you sometimes lose it when you come wearing your school uniform, i.e Jeans, Polo, and Tod’s or Jeans, White or Blue or Navy Blue Shirt, and Converse. If you think the Converse is making you cool, then please hurry up to the closest library and buy a dictionary to check the meaning of cool ! 

If you’re the more conservative type, start with wearing a pink shirt with jeans, get used to the color and then move on to our (FAVORITE – yes we love it) stage two! You can wear this combination for lunch, dinner, and drinks! All hours are welcome.

Here comes the part we love, if you are more daring and yes please be, invest in some pink chinos, wear them with a casual linen striped shirt (white, blue, or grey would do). This is the epitome of your fashion freak side bringing it out to make us happy but rather more, giving yourself some real attitude (you need it anyhow). Just saying! 

Some outfit inspirations ? Below… and examples from real life? Even further down! Scroll scroll scroll !! 

Polo Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Oxford Shirt
Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Slim-Fit Distressed Jeans
Car Shoe Suede Driving Shoes
Loro Piana Alfred Button-Down Collar Linen Shirt
Levi’s Made & Crafted Cotton and Linen-Blend Chinos
Gommino Driving Shoe with front tie

Spotted at Iris Beirut last Saturday: Jean M. wearing pink Ralph Lauren chinos and Alain Figaret striped casual shirt

29TH MAY 2012
David Beckham is the first male to cover ELLE UK.

According to ELLE Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy: ‘He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover. This is a first for us on the newsstand and I believe he is loved by men and women alike.’

‘Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine? It will be a collector’s issue.’ 

Buy the July issue on Wednesday, 30 May

14TH MAY 2012
13TH MARCH 2012

I love this video about Christian’s new men’s shop. He comes out so friendly. And finally a more thorough explanation for the red sole and why he started designing for men. Check out the 35th second in the video where he is wearing an amazing pair of neon yellow pants. Christian is definitely in tune with next season’s trends’. Oh and guess what? Mika was his first customer who came up to him and asked him to design his shoes.


Nothing is as eye catching as noticing a man with a good sense of style. Even better, an eye for detail and a good sense of accessorizing. Yes even for men. And no I don’t mean with chunky statement earrings but with pieces like statement scarves. The pictures above explain enough, and we’ve picked quite a few stylish one for you. Ladies if you’re styling your man. Hint Hint. And if you (man) are just styling yourself, it’s all here, click below!

Zara Star Scarf
Zara Stretch Shirt Scarf
Etro Paisley Scarf
Robert Graham Multi Colored Scarf
Marni Polka Dot Cashmere Scarf
Paul Smith Reversible Wool Scarf

Pictures are courtesy of Jak & Jil and GQ Magazine

Hey Ladies !!

Whether you believe in being all dolled up for Valentine or not. Whether you believe in Valentine to start with or not… you would love to be trotting down a handsome beau at any occasion. As for you the men, you don’t want have a wooden like facial surface by the time you hit your fifties. Invest in skincare. There’s a whole range available for you! In some cases more options then the women. From what I found around me and I will refrain from commenting who around me… here are some products to share.

From left to right:

LAB Series Power Protector Sunscreen SPF 50  A MUST..never leave home without sunscreen, yes it applies to men too!
Kiehls Age Correcting Moisturizer Gel for Men (for those with an oily skin)
Kiehls Face Wash Don’t go to bed without it. It makes a difference!
Clinique Age Defense for Eyes Long days. Endless nights. You need it. There’s a lot in the eyes!
Kiehls Ulimate Brushless Shaving Cream I know some people swear by it!
Clinique Daily Moisturizer (for those with normal to mixed skin)
It’s about time, we give the men in our life some attention!! A recap from Paris Men’s Fashion Week which took place last week. All the big names, designers were there and they have not failed to make the men as trendy as us! Take a look at Givenchy that trotted down designs embellishes with stars and stripes, 3.1 Phillip Lim’s color or Navajo inspired trends are not any less trendy then the women’s, or finally, Balmain’s edgy chic rock and roll look.
You now have a clue about how to style your man! 


Although it’s not the first time we’ve seen Beckham posing in unverdwear, it’s the first time we’ve seen him wearing self-designed pieces.

David Beckham is teaming up with H&M for a 9 piece collection of body wear where he is the model.
According to the 36 year old, “I always want to challenge myself and this was such a rewarding experience for me. I’m very happy with the end result and I hope H&M’s male customers will be as excited as I am”.

The collection includes cotton briefs, boxer shorts, vests, T-shirts, pyjamas and long johns, inspired by pieces from his own wardrobe. The pieces are said to be very comfortable and time was spent with the design team to work on the feel, fit and style to ensure the product is not only something Beckham himself would wear but one which he would be proud to put his name to.
The collection will be available online and in 1800 stores worldwide starting Feb 2, and will be the first out of an ongoing partnership between David Beckham and H&M.

Hey there ladies, it’s about time we think about our other halves, better halves, you name it.. but here’s a post dedicated to the man in our life filled with all the possible goodies you can get him this Christmas, that’s if you want a fashionable male icon near you!

1: Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf
2: Piombo Polka Dot Scarf Well yes the Polkas Are Back, not only for us, ladies
3: Bottega Veneta Tortoise Shell Sunglasses
4: Margaret Howell Gloves
5: Catherine Zadeh Macrame Cord Bracelet and Miansai Rope & Hook Bracelet we are not giving our men an “Arm Party” but one or two of these will give him an edge
6: Moonstone VO Cufflinks
7: Brera Eterno Chrono Watch
8: Cambridge Satchel in Tan This comes in handy specially if your hubby has a rapid lifestyle. You can also wear matching colors.
9: Marc by Marc Jacobs Colorblocked Socks
10: Lanvin Suede & Leather Patent Sneakers
11: Polo Ralph Lauren Cable Knit Sweater
12: Paul Smith Laptop Sleeve
13: Paul Smith White Printed Billfold Wallet
14: Bedford Wax Overnight Bag This comes in handy for your getaways together

Happy Holidays Everyone!