15TH JULY 2013
Do you recall our posts about Lebanese Fashion and Beauty Clichés? 
Our lovely friend Yasmina, also the founder and designer behind February, came up with this illustration combining both emphasizing on several details we had fussed about non stop! 
We are absolutely loving it!  
Thank you Yasmina! :)
P.S: After all the amazing feedback on both posts, we are happy to announce that the Lebanese Clichés will become a regular post on our blog with different topics at each time! Don’t take it too personally, it’s a good laugh, and laughing is good for the heart. Ta Daaaaa
9TH JULY 2013

First I wanted to thank ALL of you for your positive feedback on my post earlier this month about Lebanese Fashion Clichés
It really feels great to see that so many people agree with me on the subject and are sick and tired of these cliches, they want to see change, they want to see colors and identity in people, and not like a copy paste kind of thing!
So, after reading all your comments and going out to night clubs, weddings, dinners and all other summer social activities, I decided it was time to write about the beauty clichés – oh yes! 

1- Acrylic nails are not ok. They ARE not.

2- Blond hair does NOT suit everyone. It’s ok to be a red head or a brunette. It’s fine.

3- It’s ok to wear hair extensions, but stop trying to be Rapunzel
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