How do you spend your time during winter? What are your favorite activities to do in Beirut? 
For all the snow fans, this year was very disappointing with a spring climate in January and February.
So we have less choices for spending our free times on weeknights or weekends.
Either we go out to dinner, have a drink, clubbing and go to the movies. Movie night is one of my personal favorites after a long day at work or even a lazy Sunday. Even though we can find most of the movies we want and watch them at home, it’s nice to go to the movies, buy a huge box of popcorn and forget the world for two hours.
The experience even got better and more fun with the new theaters at Beirut Souks. I had the opportunity to discover the interiors of Beirut Souks CinemaCity last week through the eyes of the interior architect Nabil Dada. He told us all about the inspiration and details of the project.

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24TH JULY 2013
My infatuation with Bar Tartine started slightly over two months ago when they had just recently opened their doors. The concept was new, original, and we did not have anything as original, creative, modest, but at the same time good, fair (price wise), and a great chilled atmosphere.
Let me tell you about the place..as you walk up the steps from Mar Mikhael’s main road (an extension to Gemmayze) you will instantly feel you have crossed to Europe. A typical old village in the South of France to say – until you hear blazing Arabic behind you and honking horn to remind you – you are in Beirut Cherie! The setting is super serene, cute, and possesses a lot of charm. Pick a table on the terrace of course, and wait for a waiter to bring you the latest menu for you to indulge. My reasons to indulge are way too numerous! There are so many things I love on the menu that I try to go as many times as I can in a week to eat them all over and over again.

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Can’t believe Rose Bakery has been open in Paris for 10 years and this was my first time there. I died just a bit that moment.
This place is a slice of heaven (a slice of chocolate , apple, …but a well worthy slice) and it is just oozing character and smiling back at you! 
Its very cozy, small, and very British like. Jump in your favorite sweater, get your ticket to Paris, jog down to the Marais and cozy up around the best English teas and cakes!
This tiny (CUTENESS!!) English-themed bakery located in the Marais is founded by Rose Carranini and her French husband (read full story here), is the perfect spot for brunch or afternoon coffee breaks.

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You may have noticed that we love Paris and its most romantic side. And what’s better than a romantic dinner in Paris’ Chic/Cultural/Trendy Rive Gauche’s region: St Germain-des-près.

Last time we were in Paris we tried La Méditérannée restaurant. It was the favorite restaurant of the famous French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker  Jean Cocteau.  He used to enjoy the seafood with a view on the “Théatre de l’Odéon”.
We had for entrée the wild gambas and carpaccio made out of 3 different kinds of tomatoes.
For the main course, I savoured the bass  with its al dente basmati rice cooked with delicious fruits that and  he chose the gigantic (400g) “sole de petite pêche”cooked “à la facon meunière”. 
But we couldn’t help but sneaking in our neighour’s bouillabaisse and scallops and surrender to a great bottle of white wine and the sweet and sour desert “riz au lait” spiced with ginger and with a finish of orange.
Everything was delicious and fresh and the atmosphere is elegant and very refined. Try it next time you’re in Paris! 

La Mediterranée | 2, Place de l’Odéon 75006 PARIS | Tél :33 (0)1 43 26 02 30

Are you a fan of burgers?
Are you in Paris? 
Do you want a burger in Paris? 
We have the answer for you.

The charming, cozy interior, that looks like a child’s room (and actually inspired from) renders Ferdi the address for delicious home made burgers. 
It is owned and managed by a couple who are the parents of Ferdinand (hence the name Ferdi). 

Their love for their child and passion for cooking, created this place where the decor is inspired from Ferdi’s room himself and the meals are from a variety that he loves.  
Penelope Cruz is one of the celebrities that shares our opinion. 
Ferdi also offers excellent tapas and cocktails, the amazing mojitos and margueritas. 

If you are already on your way and need the address, 32 rue Mont Thabor75001 ParisFrance.
“Good food takes time. We have the food. Do you have the time?”


The Laughing Teapot, its actually called La Theiere Qui Rit,  is one charming little place in Geneva. It’s a cosy tea room where you can have the BEST hot chocolate and delicious homemade cakes, scones, crumbles, .. 
What I love about the HOT CHOCOLATE here is that it is not too dense, yet dense enough to give that rich fulfillment of chocolate warming you up in that freezing winter blaze! And the chocolate is not too sweet or too dark to close down  your appetite for MORE. 

At the Laughing Tea Pot, small quiches, sandwiches, and a quick daily menu is also served. However, with all the cuteness, and amazing warm atmosphere I would never trade my ritual of the amazing hot chocolate and home made tasteful goodies with anything else. 

We recommend. Enjoy!

Among my new additions of favorite places is “it mylk” (eat milk) in Paris. I had an amazing afternoon with my best friend last week, where we savored amazing frozen yogurt desserts while catching up on our latest news and going through the pages of Elle Magazine. It’s a small cozy space open on to a tea salon that glows with chic-ness. The cheese cake was very tempting, but I could only have a choice for one dessert. The toppings were varied between fresh fruits, macarons, granola, .. It really is gourmet frozen yogurt!
Find it mylk at:
15 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie 75006 Paris
Tel: 01 43 26 84 13