I have been on a love hate relationship with fragrances lately, and I have clearly shared that with you on the blog. I have loved perfumes for ever and then hated them in the blink of an eye. Then I moved to a phase where less is more and I was looking for understated scents, not too out there, and I was settling on things like real “oud” essence from the Middle East or things like Tom Ford’s Red Jasmine. And I was pretty much happy with the choices, but not with Tom’s bank breaking prices. I just came across this new collection by Aerin Lauder and am happily surprised by the variety in the collection. The scents have already launched in stores like Selfridges, Harrods, … across Europe, and I highly think I will be a sucker for Amber Musk!! Bring it on.


So let us suppose winter is here in Lebanon and you are about to throw on the fattest coat you have hanging in your closet, what are you possibly going to throw on your nails? The Essie 2013 winter collection is out, while you thought it’s all about dark shades, well sorry missy it’s a battle between the darker shades and some pastels. I always thought pastels were a no no for winter, but this greyish baby blue has me hanging until my next manicure! What do you think?



Now I am not announcing what new brands land and take off but this is worth the attention. Laura Mercier products are now available on Net a Porter, so while you sip your coffee from the comfort of your own couch, you can now browse and shop Laura Mercier and have them delivered to your home! What I can blindly recommend from this brand is their foundation primer that gives instant luminosity to your face, their eyeshadow stick which is divine that you can use as a kohl and eyeshadow, and finally their lip glace lip glosses that have an amazing silky texture without that annoying oh my lips are stuck.


No not like whine as in complain, what we have technically being doing a lot lately. More like WINE, as in Merlot, Syrah, Pinot Noir, … because that’s the color you need to have on your lips next season, which is not so far by the way! From beauty brands to runway models..check out the looks we loved, and the brands we are falling for! Even Rihanna’s collaboration with MAC is going hot on the color. The hottest according to us? Tom Ford..Oh la la My daring, it surely deserves some Merlot sipping sporting the latest wine-y-plum hues (check out the 2nd lipstick from the left – below)!

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30TH AUGUST 2013
Are you a nail junkie? We definitely are. Here are the new comers for Fall 2013, and we are a sucker for these deep hued colors. What i love is the hint of khaki present in both the Chanel and Essie collections. Now following yesterday’s declaration to wear my coats amidst August’s blazing heat, I can’t wait to have these shades on my fingers!!
8TH MAY 2013
How cool are these pictures I stumbled on from Rihanna’s Instagram account. Well actually had you been following, back in February we shared with you that MAC announced a collaboration with Rihanna that was composed of four collections. Well here you go numero UNO collaboration featuring Rihanna’s favorite red MAC lipstick, which we are now killing ourselves to get. This lipstick is inspired by her favorite red MAC lipstick Ruby Woo. Now the pictures are just fab, and the color looks even better. Need to have have have this Riri Woo lipstick, yepaaaa that’s the name!


24TH APRIL 2013

And now I shall announce you die. Or I just died. What the hell?? Chanel just launched L’Ete Papillon de Chanel and the colors are purely divine. It’s inspired by butterfly-y shades. Am an avid lover of Chanel makeup. Name one collection and I definitely have a piece of it but this is just too good to be true. If I have those colors on my nails I will definitely eat them! The collection is infused with a lot of electric shades. Gold tones. Lovely pink raspberry hues for the lips. The eyeshadow “Stylo Eyeshadow” has amazing colors infused with corals, yellows, electric blues and greens! Now where the hell do I start Mr. Peter Phlips?? Continue reading

12TH MARCH 2013

Do you remember hanging around at the Clinique makeup counters during your trips to the States or Europe waiting to see the latest “gift” to be offered with your purchase of a certain something? And it was always more about the gift then the actual purchase itself. It was always how much more do i need to spend to get that little teeny bit of sample eyeshadow, lipstick, and cream in a cheesy plastic off yellow color makeup bag? And as time progressed, the makeup bags did get better. We moved from cheesy plastic in cream, pink, …to cheesy fabric to later on designs by Milly, Tracy Reese, …and guess what ladies? Guess who has made it to that list! Our all time Lebanese star, Sarah’s Bag. We could not be proud enough. So in case you are shopping in Lebanon, UAE, or KSA, … make sure to hang around the Clinique counters as of March 20 in anticipation of your makeup bag with your next purchase. The offer will be valid till April 7.
Oh Yes. Now this does make us very proud!!

11TH MARCH 2013

Now hologram is everywhere. H&M, Stella McCartney, Celine, … you name it they all have a slice of it whether its to hold, carry, or wear …and now the latest addition comes with having it on your nails. Who set it? Well hello China Glaze. For a fact I love the quality of their nail products but am not sure if I will be able to wear this. There comes a time when you need to say stop even to the stuff you have a craze about. Now let me know what you think …

4TH MARCH 2013
Ever since Pantone declared that Emerald is their color for this year, I have been running around like a headless chicken. I have an undeniable love for this color whether its liquid, solid, or gas. And now ladies, Sephora has launched the makeup collection based on this color. And they are Faaaaab! Imagine lid stain in emerald green. I am pretty sure it is quite stunning, and I can’t wait to try it. Wear it. Try it. Smudge it alllll over my face like I was five.


I had kind of given up on Mad Men after having watched Season 5. I was sooo obsessed with seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, that the 5th really really mega disappointed me!! The season finished and I had that exact look of that emoticon with the open mouth and slouchy eyes. Nevertheless, I have decided to give them a chance because of the launch of Estee Lauder’s second Mad Men makeup collection. It so happens that this launch coincides with their 6th season too, early next month (which we are already almost there by the way). The collection is made up of three items in beautiful packaging that has been reinvented by the company after digging out their 1950s packagings.

So as I sit in front of the Tele next week and give Don a chance I want my lips to shine in this amazing Spring pink hue, oh yeah and my cheeks to blush, fine fine …and my nails to sparkle!

Don’t you just love MAC Cosmetics? Or just stopping at a MAC counter? It sure is one of my favorite TO DO things when am out and about shopping. They are all so friendly and welcoming, they will endlessly keep talking and trying different things on your face, I know marketing has a role, but there am a bad stupid easily fooled consumer. But this has got nothing to do with the fact why I love MAC. The products are amazing. Great quality. They have options for anything. So for instance if you are an individual with fair skinned dark spots acne invaded face then MAC has the solution for you. And last they are really reasonable on the pocket.

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I remember back in the day my mom or grandma wore nail polish based on the season. Winter meant dark, burgundy, and intense. Spring was transitional but soft and colorful. Summer was vibrant and colorful. And on it goes. Fast forward ….2013… and nail polish trends are not like that. They depend more on global warming, your relationship with your boyfriend, the Pope’s visit to Lebanon, and sometimes if your best friend has a baby or not. Well, under these circumstances meet the OPI Spring Summer 2013 based on Euro Centrale.
Fashionista said Classic is the new trendy!
I couldn’t agree more. Yes classic – lady like IS the new trendy.
Meet the three statement nail polishes by Chanel that were worn at their Couture Show earlier this week. Oh and which you can now purchase. Even though they are “Spring” they can easily be worn now. In my mind I have broken them down quite well. The red accessoire is the one to be worn now then gradually as spring steps in you can alternate with the other two! Chanel nail polishes have become staples every season setting THE trend. Which one would you like to be wearing? All three?
Seriously? Spring 2013?
Do you even feel like wearing these colors? The pink, the orange, … !! Beirut can not be an grayer today and am sure London, Paris, Geneva, Milan are not any brighter so seriously guys take a chill pill, but the colors, I can’t disagree, are divine! The powder is embossed with Chanel’s logo and is made to create a luminous effect. The weather is so grey, no powder is gonna make it luminous now!

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My hunt for the PERFECT perfume started in a previous life. Yes I am sane and I kid you not I started looking for the perfect perfume before I was born which took quite some time, but am glad because it was totally worth it.
Jo Malone will never fail you, do not underestimate the power its perfumes have. While I know I am someone who has a strong preference for spicy and amber-ish smells, I love anything Jo can bring along. Meet Jo’s (we are friends now) sugar and spice – and everything smells nice – collection. I can not wait to get my hands on them. I reckon the ginger biscuit is even better then the gingerbread man. The fragrances will come out in the spring and I know each and everyone will be true to its scent as the name depicts.

Picture courtesy of She Said Beauty