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So much has happened since I last wrote the last post on the blog and I kept on wondering if I should continue writing or just forget about it and give up. But I decided not to. I decided to continue writing and sharing my thoughts with you.

Life has been so different lately as I am embracing motherhood for three months now.

Let me start by saying that I love being a mother. It truly is the best feeling in the world but is also the most overwhelming. I always heard about how my life would be different with a baby but secretely convinced myself that nothing would change. I used to think that pregnancy was the hard part and that when I would give birth everything would come back to normal: I would lose the extra -20- kilos, get back to working out, enjoy night outs with my friends, have a drink, carelessly leave the  house and come back 10 hours later etc.

But everything has changed: from the way I feel, the time I have for myself, my body…Pregnancy and motherhood look so perfect, easy and effortless on social media, but I’m not going to lie, it was definitely not the case for me. 

To be honest, the first few weeks were difficult. I was having all sorts of emotions at the same time and not understanding what’s happening. I was very tired, overwhelmed, feeling fat but at the same time feeling ecastatic, grateful and blessed. I cried a lot and never understood why. 

And then one day, I accepted the fact that I have changed and embracing all these changes. I decided to enjoy every single moment of motherhood (even the sleepless nights – not really haha) and accept everything that was happening. I am slowly getting my pre-pregnancy body back (fiiting into some old jeans even!), working out, eating healthy, going back to work, going out with friends and mostly enjoying every single minute spent with my baby girl. 

I’ve learned along the way that you’re not a bad mom if you feel sad, tired, moody, you focus on yourself sometimes, you distance yourself from friends who don’t understand and support you, you sleep in the middle of the day, you miss your freedom and pre-mom self, you drink coffee way more than you should, you wear makeup and get overdressed for a shopping afternoon, you admit motherhood is not always perfect, you ask for help, you take an afternoon off, you go back to work…

To wrap it up, I am back to regularly blogging and redirecting the blog as I discover what this new life has to offer.

And tell me, what you have been up to?


Dedicating this post to my mom, my angel. 


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