It’s in the small things

I can’t believe this year is almost over! How did this happen? Where was I? Okay, I had a baby but I can’t even remember what I did for the other 8 months… It seems we’re always super busy, running from one place to another, juggling with a million things. All my friends feel the same and it has become difficult to meet for dinner or coffee even. We don’t even take the time to appreciate the little things of life and we’re always feeling guilty, overwhelmed and just exhausted.

With Christmas being a just a few days away, it’s so easy to get carried away and forget the true meaning of the season. We want everything to be perfect starting with the tree, gifts, outfits etc forgetting to really enjoy this special time of year with our loved ones. So instead, here are small things I’m planning on doing during this festive season.

1- Count my blessings instead of focusing on what is missing in mylife

2- Make time for my loved ones instead of putting all my energy on IT-parties and IT places to be

3- Help someone in need… Anyone and not just financially. So many people are fighting battles you don’t even know about

4- Indulge in yummy food but also take care of my body

5- Try to exercise a few times, even if it means just taking a walk and get enough sleep (we’ll see about that)

6- Listen to Christmas songs and sing along

7- Take the time to appreciate my morning coffee and read my book

8- Send handwritten Christmas cards to family and friends

9- Reflect on the year 2016 and find some realistic resolutions for 2017

10- Create memories and make our own new traditions for the years to come 

I wish you super happy holidays with your loved ones wherever you are. And don’t forget to be grateful for every second of your life. 



pictures from @thepinkdiary and @thepaperbunny on instagram

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