My Kitchen Lab Experience

Fresh ingredients ready to be cooked!

Earlier in December, I got the chance to be invited by Kitchen Lab to try one of their courses. I already took some cooking classes with them before and I was so happy to do it again. Since I love asian cuisine, I decided to go for a Thai class this time and the best part about it is that is was given by no other than Wael Lazkani, owner of Jai.

What I love about Kitchen Lab is the following:

1- The steps are relatively easy to follow and the teachers don’t expect you to be chefs

2- The quality of the ingredients used is amazing

3- The chefs are really the best in the cuisine they teach

4- You get to eat the food you cooked with a glass of wine, around a big table with everyone who took the class

5- The recipe booklet is written in a very simple way making it easy to recreate at home (especially for a beginner like me!)

In the Thai class we learned how to prepare:

  • Classic Thai shrimp and lemongrass soup
  • Green papaya salad
  • Peanut and coconut milk noodles with chicken

All three were truly delicious (I even brought some for my husband to taste and he loved it!)



The Shrimp soup… Perfect for cold days

Check out their Instagram page @thekitchenlab to find out more!

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