The Good Life Eatery


Last year, I discovered “The Good Life Eatery” on Instagram and ever since I have meaning to make a stop on my next trip to London. And this is exactly what I did last December. My sister who lives in London had never tried it before so it was the perfect opportunity for a Saturday brunch and we were so happy we did. After trying the Acai bowl at Two Hands NYC last September, I couldn’t wait to have it again! So I ordered an Acai bowl and an avo toast (side note: my friends and family make fun of how I eat avocados at every meal!! someone else on the same page?).  My sister took an avocado with poached eggs. Of course we had coffee as well. Everything was SOOO delicious and I highly recommend this place next time you’re in London looking for a place to brunch.


The Good Life Eatery : 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH

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