Senteurs d’Orient


End of year madness is finally over and we’re back to our routine. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and everything that comes with it but after non-stop eating, drinking, partying it was time to get back to a healthier lifestyle. 

My main 2016 resolution is to take care of myself and to take time to relax and enjoy the little things since 2015 was a really busy year! So, I was really happy to receive these beautiful Senteurs d’Orient soaps to recreate a soothing spa feeling at home. 

Made in Lebanon from the finest natural ingredients, their luxurious products are handcrafted in their atelier and each of the fragrances captures the Orient’s most treasured flowers and senses. All products they use are made from natural ingredients and pure essential oils for the most relaxing experience. 

My favorite is definitely the Oriental Gardenia hammam soap on a rope which smells incredibly good and is perfect to use in the shower. I also loved the lavender, jasmin and amber maamoul soaps. 

I’m thinking of keeping some of these maamoul soaps in my closet for a very subtle and sweet fragrance on my clothes. 

Check their website and shop online their large selection of soaps:

Thank you for spoiling me Senteurs d’Orient!

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