I’m sure you’re familiar with the term FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out. With social media invading our lives, everyone wants to be everywhere and everyone is afraid to miss this or that event, show, dinner, party, trip even if they’re tired, bored or not even interested (fashion week anyone?).

Everyone wants a picture of the hottest event on their instagram, a runway video on their snapchat, the perfect vacation profile picture to create a perfect -fake- social media life.

As for me, I have been on another planet recently. I think it’s safe to say that 2015 has been the busiest year for me between planning my wedding, settling in my new house, work, travels etc. Now that fall is here, I am so happy to slow down, relax, stay at home, eat healthy meals and watch my favorite series. I also decided to only attend the events that I enjoy attending with genuine people I can have fun conversations with.

So this Fall, it’s definitely JOMO for me :)

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