Fashion Weak
Chiara Ferragni, the Fashion Week expert

Chiara Ferragni, the Fashion Week expert

I know I shouldn’t be writing this post on my blog.. A post about how I’m “fashion weak”. I should be praising fashion, designers, looks, collections etc. However, I am writing the exact opposite today.

While fashion month already kicked off last week in New York and the whole industry is so excited about it, I’m really tired of seeing the same  show 500x on every social media network. All my social media accounts are flooded with the same catwalk pictures (taken from different angles depending on the blogger’s popularity), same after-parties and girls who are just seeking attention in ridiculous outfits.

Year after year, fashion weeks are becoming more extravagant, crazy setups and decors, more people and less fashion focused. Every wannabe wears the most ridiculous eye-catching outfit and stands outside show venues praying to be photographed by some street style website.

I don’t know about you, but in my teenage years I used to buy all sorts of fashion magazines (which were very expensive for me at that time!) to read about fashion week and the important trends to remember. With all the social media, we’re now following fashion weeks around the globe as if we were sitting front row at every show, without any delay. It’s certainly a good thing but in my opinion it’s losing  its “charm”. Something has to stay hidden and revealed later. Not only do I know in advance what’s coming next Fall and I miss the surprise but I get bored before it even starts. I’m recently addicted to snapchat, I love how I can post random things, follow friends and bloggers. Now all my snapchat is invaded with catwalk videos, boring after parties, cab rides etc. Ok, I know I can unfollow if I’m not happy (which I did recently) but still I’m wondering does anyone enjoy watching these videos? There are also videos where bloggers complain about how they’re exhausted and sleepy so fashion week seems like torture even to those who are living it…

Some cliches I can’t watch anymore include the following:

  • The snapshot with the luggages at your local airport #wetravellight #thisishowweroll
  • The traditional cab Uber pic, with legs showing minimally, a show invite and an IT bag – the perfect ingredients to a perfect picture that is everywhere
  • Videos filmed in Uber singing and dancing
  • The 500 pics/videos of the same show.. if  I wanted to see every look of every show, I can check
  • Reviews by amateurs, I respect everyone’s opinion, but leave criticism to Anna
  • The 1000 other shots that were taken before, during and after a fashion show because obviously you were not invited
  • The fittings/meetings and shooting for “secret projects” #OMGyouresomysterious
  • The view from the hotel room because only you ever stayed in a five star kick ass hotel?
  • Thank you for the shot but same outfit 500 pics/selfies different angles?

As always, please share with me your thoughts on the subject.

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