I Partied Too Hard


Few nights ago nobody saved my life, not even the DJ! My heels literally got shattered and my heart sank in shambles trying to make sense out of what happened. I am a size 41 which means the probability of finding a decent pair of designer luxury shoes takes forever because they are not stocked everywhere and if they are then the chances of getting your preferred color is very slim, and then the size, etc.. I usually hunt my shoes half way around the world, really! And on a very warm summer night few days ago my gorgeous pair (and which by the way I think is among my most comfortable shoes) of Valentino rock studs got shattered. And this is what I learnt very hardly, never delay buying “care” for stuff you truly hold on to. I have been postponing buying heel protector caps for like ever and I learnt my lesson the hard way. I will definitely have my Valentino’s fixed and meanwhile I just ordered these heel protectors from Amazon. With summer weddings mushrooming around every corner I really suggest you do the same !!

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