Summer is almost over. We can feel it with all the expatriates leaving but the main indicator for me, is less wedding invitations! I guess it was time for me to write about Lebanese weddings. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lebanese weddings (most of them) and I truly respect the mafia people behind these big events. However, lately I have been feeling that some people who are getting married focus so much on the event itself forgetting about the rest of their lives together. 


– You can NEVER and I mean never wear the same dress twice. Remember when you posted 435 selfies at the previous wedding wearing your red dress? 

– and if someone is wearing the same dress… OMG DRAMAAAAAAAAA!!!!

– It’s more like a wedding marathon with one or more wedding every night/weekend (along comes the wedding list!)
– You sometimes get invited to weddings and you really don’t understand why!
– Hairdos are more like hair don’t
– You think the more makeup and hair extension you wear, the prettier you will be… Remind me who told you so?
– If you’re a single girl/woman at a wedding be prepare to receive at least one “3a’belik”… no matter your age


– You throw a US$100,000 wedding… because really, who needs a house?
– You are forced to invite people you’ve never met to please your parents
– You are so proud to have a minister or a local singer wedding.. really what an accomplishment!
– If you’re trendy you’ll throw a wedding outside Lebanon in a country you’ve probably never visited before… just because that’s the trend
– Your hair will be so heavy, your heels will be so high, your lashes will be so thick… you’ll need a few hours to remove it all
– As soon as the ceremony is done, please update your Facebook status with your family name and status
– They bring so much entertainment, you’re confused if you’re at a wedding or a circus?!

#LebaneseBrideClichés (as heard by my dear friend who works at a bridal shop in Beirut):

– No no no, I won’t do this at my wedding, because 3 years ago the sister of cousin’s neighbour did it
– I want the flashiest dress you have because I have 700 guests and I want to be a STAR
– I have to wear branded shoes at my wedding and a brand everyone knows and will recognize!
– The dress has a closed neck, do you think the parents of the groom will take it as an excuse not to get me a diamond necklace?!
– The dress has a bow on the right, so I’ll have to hold my bouquet with the left hand, or can you change the dress?
– Do I have to wear gold or silver shoes because these are the floral table center pieces I chose…

To finish on a positive note, I was randomly looking on Instagram for #lebaneseweddings inspairation and I found this hashtag #lebaneseweddingsarethebest and they are I agree. They’re so important to the whole family, they bring everyone together to danse, sing and forget the whole world. 


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